Went out for our first "Spring" Drive last weekend since the Motor has gone back in. Had to resolve a couple of technical problems on the motor tho. The Pulley didn't fit the casing correctly, so there was a small leak there. I also had to find a slightly smaller pulley belt as the Aluminium Pulleys have a slightly different diameter from the stock pulley. I couldn't get the standard belt tensioned up properly, so finally worked out that issue, and then just some general cleaning up and tightening up of some nuts and bolts, and the engine is running like clockwork.



The last major project now is to get the roof fabricated and working. it's currently in the cardboard shipping box it came in, so I'll be starting the modified hinging system this weekend. The mods are required because the standard car's roof hoops when down, would lay ontop of the rear bodywork. In order to keep the clean lines of the car, I want he roof to sink down into the rear seat cavity, so that I can put the rear tarpaulin on over the roof mechanism when it's down. This requires a fancy swivel hinge to move the hoops down, and forward from the static hinging point. More pics to follow soon.

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