After the first recent drive out in the Porsche, one thing I noticed which didn't feel too good was the "wallow" experience with the rear suspension, especially when going over an un-even surface, the car kind of floats along. The fix for this is known as a "Camber Compensator", which looks similar to a "strut" or brace in newer cars, and attaches to the bottom of the transmission and the two sideshafts, to help keep the "sway" under control. So I bought one. Hopefully this solves the issue, I believe it does, and very well.


Then it was time to start the roof. I'm still going through this process and working it out as I go from some help from a Canadian chap who has an awesome Speedster, and this isn't going to be finished in a rush, as it involves a bit of fancy hinging and tensioning of the roof etc. However, I also decided it was time to mount the Tenax fasteners around the rear of the roof.. THIS was one of those stress jobs, as the top is over 10 grand, so, this had to be done correctly, first time. Thankfully, as I had already done the half tarpaulin, the Tenax bases on the body were all good, so all I had to do was measure the gaps between each mount, and fit it to the top. An hour later and some very sore fingers, it was done.

Here's the Hinge, and swing down and forward arrangement that should allow the roof bows to drop into the rear seat compartment for a neat finish.

Here, starting the roof Tenax install. Tediously slow, and that small scissors to cut the small round holes in the material is TOO small for my fingers.

All done, and a test fit shows the roof is 100% on the body. Actually an amazing piece of fabrication really. Wouldn't have got this quality from the local places that's for sure.

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