Another weekend past, and an awesome experience going for a spin with my mate Tony's 2.3 Liter VW Beetle Street car.. It's INSANELY quick, with the Speedo going RIGHT AROUND and back to zero and start again. 190 and we had to slow down, hell of an engine.. Everything about that just felt wrong, but I couldn't stop grinning.. My ride back home in the Speedy was so much calmer and more sedate.. which is a good thing in my opinion. The Car is definitely settling down now.

So, I went to collect two Sideshaft Rubber Boots from Tony. My Sideshafts are leaking. The BAD news about this is the Strut frame which bolts to the bottom of the Gearbox, also closes up the drain plug.. So, while I have Pro Auto Rubber making me new Shaft pads for the Strut, I'm going to whip it off and replace the sideshafts now, so they're new, the oil is new, and all is good with the Transmission. Then I can fit the Strut and that's a good job done. Hopefully this weekend.

I decided to complete the Gauges as well. The Ride to Tony on Saturday ALSO snapped the old Speedo cable, so I got a new one, and fitted that, painless exercise. Got the three gauges out, and sorted out the new LED lighting for them, and cleaned up the wiring. I'm also fitting the new fuel gauge and sender unit to get more accurate fuel measurements. The gauge I bought in the UK, with a matching Sender unit. Fully adjustable, I got it to fit, and work as best I can in the tank, but hadn't fitted it as I needed to cannibalize the new gauge, so I can fit that unit inside the Porsche Combo gauge.. And that's where I am for now.

Here's what the original Kit looks like.

Here's the sender unit after I modified it to fit my tank. Fully adjustable, and VERY easy to set up and get to fit in almost any tank. I've cut off the extended sliding spine, and shortened the float arm to all fit and work in my tank properly.

The new gauge, (already stripped out it's holder), and comparing with the existing unit which is stuffed.

Very similar dimensions and connections.

Here, trying to configure the best angle for this to fit on the fuel gauge face I have,. which will go back in the Combo gauge.

The Combo gauge with new 12 Volt LED's in, and just waiting to get the fuel gauge working properly, then I'll put that back in, and all of it wired and into the car.

The Scrap Yard..

LED's fitted and test. Looks 100%.

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