September the 18th, it's the day before my birthday, and this one's a BIG one.

I was determined to get the car done in completion, and as soon as possible. The roof is something that can come later on, but the other stuff I wanted finished. Gauges are in, Fuel gauge and Sender unit working in harmony. The last outstanding "major" job was to fit the Camber strut I recently bought at Dave Rowley, Flat Four Racing. I encountered a problem tho that the one side boot snapped the support bolt while I was still assembling it. So I got the guys at Pro Auto Rubber in Montague Gardens to copy the existing boot, and the reproduced it perfectly.

The last step tho before I could fit this strut, was to drain the transmission oil and replace the two sideshaft boots, which had cracked and were leaking oil. So tonight, after a lengthy struggle with my physical size, and trying to fit inside the rear wheel wells to work on replacing the boots.. Not easy, but it's done. The the strut got re-mounted, and the last job was to raise the strut into position with a jack, and then bolt it to the frame attached to the Transmission. Also, not too difficult, but not easy to squeeze under the car and have both arms free. Anyway, it's all done, I'm glad to say, in my opinion, the Speedster is now finished.

Here's a few pics of the mounted strut. Ground clearance is as low as the bottom of each shock mount, so have to keep this in mind for future.

So, I'll be able to go for a ride this weekend and let everything settle down, and hopefully, according to my good friend Tony, this will drastically improve the handling.. Sounds great. Final fix up was lubricating the newly fitted Speedo Cable, and to do that last couple of hundred meters for this AWESOME Pic.. My car, with it's "new motor" and gauges. " PORSCHE 356 SPEEDSTER "

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