Been a few weeks since I did an update, which is a good thing as it means the work is coming to an end on the Speedy. Of late, the primary issue has been the fact I managed to semi-destroy my new Aluminium Pulley and dust seal I bought from Flat Four Racing. We are all of the opinion it's not possible I could have over-tightened the pulley, the spacer is too thick and very strong that I fitted on the crank. The deduction is the Oil Slinger, a clever washer which helps to push oil back into the casing, is not installed on my crank. An issue I can only solve by opening the motor, which is for another lifetime.

So, Dave kindly re-engineered the parts I screwed up, and after re-fitting them with an additional spacer, the motor and oil issue is now a thing of the past. Gladly. I'm also glad to say the fuel gauge is tracking accurately, and that seems to be working 1005. Currently waiting to run out to see where the needle is when it dies, but so far, all is good.

The next item on the agenda was recently thought up, a full Tarpaulin to cover the interior when we've left the car out in the sun, to help keep seats cool in the blistering Summer. So I managed to source some lovely canvass from a local supplier, and got my upholster to cut to shape and edge it up, as well as fit a central zip. This allows me to drive solo and keep the passenger side of the car closed. Once we're out the car, we simply pull the top over the seats and fasten to the front studs using the fitted Tenax fasteners. Pics as always.

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