29 October, it's 1 Month to the day I first contacted Roscoe the previous owner, who told me about this car being for sale up in JHB. 12 months, to get it near 100% completed. Tonight, I decided the time had come to glue the roof to the Windscreen Bow. So after a few days of contemplation, the time finally arrived. Masked off the Bow with masking tape, measured the roof and chalk lined positions. Made adjustments, taped up the roof, and then finally, I got to use this Industrial strength 3M glue in a can product. After 15 minutes waiting for it to dry, I pulled the top over the bow, pressed it all down well, and clamped it up for an hour. Then I glued the excess material into the recess which wraps around the windscreen frame, and put in a strip of rubber weather strip, and clamped the Bow back onto the Windscreen. It pulled the roof up nice and taught, and, well, it's pretty much done.

Here, still fiddling with the roof hoops to get them correctly mounted. Took a few goes, but it's now perfect.

Here, showing the hoops drop into the rear area sufficiently for the Tarp to cover it all up without too much of a problem.

Here, the final, and correct installation for my hoops. The rear being the hoop mounted on the tensioner. From here, I'll probably make two new Aluminium Hoops, and cover them in black Heatshrink to give them a nice, clean finish, and also fit the mechanism with nice dome nuts.


And here, the roof, now glued on, and clamped to the Windscreen frame.

All in all, I'm very pleased, and relieved it's all completed. Now it's a matter of small semantics to finish it off neatly and cleanly. Cosmetics.

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