In an effort to help keep the wind buffeting down, I decided to try and fabricate a wind deflector, which would mount somehow behind the seats, and offer a small level of wind free peace when out motoring.

The idea is based on the fact that all cabriolet's have an aftermarket, (or sometimes default supplied with car) wind deflector which mounts to the car, and when up, the wind rolling off the top of the windscreen get's broken by the deflector, and cannot swirl back into the cockpit area from behind. This also only works efficiently when you're travelling at high speed, 100 Km's or higher. So I fabricated an Aluminium frame from one of the previous attempts I did at making new roof hoops. I cut it down slightly so it didn't look out of place, then mounted it to the same hinging point as the roof is mounted to. Between the hoop, I riveted an aluminium flat bar, and then using some very strong 3M glue, I stuck down some find mesh to the frame, and riveted a strengthening support flat strip which had the mesh in-between it, across the bottom strut. Then to try and neaten off the top of the hoop, I bought some plastic corrugated coil used to neaten up computer cables etc, and fitted it over the Aluminium hoop, with the slit in the plastic tubing where the mesh fitted.

The finished result isn't too bad, as it was an experiment, and I wasn't even sure if it would work. I can also fold it flat onto the rear tarp, or cover it if needed. Took the car for a quick high speed burn down to Melkbos, and I'm glad to say together with the side windows, this removes about 70 to 80 percent of the turbulance in the car. I can also fold it up or down while driving and can clearly feel the difference with it up. All in all, another good project.

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