While this was all going on, I decided to then sell the Triumph Bonneville Motorbike as that wasn't being used, and I needed to start working on this car, so needed that money. Managed to sell the Triumph a few days later.

I continued to "clean up" the Speedster, and get him stable and running smoothly, so that I could get Roadworthy completed. Here's Pics of the engine fitted with the dual carbs, but as I couldn't get a reliable connection between them and the throttle cable, I pulled them back out and went back to the stock carb, which was essentially working fine, and would remain for a while, until I sourced a proper linkage system for the Dual Carbs.

While busy with all this, I made some friends with other Speedster owners up in JHB off the forum, and arranged to borrow a pair of good rear light lenses, as I was going to mold my own lenses for myself due to their cost from local and International suppliers. Carrying on with the COR prep, I discovered there's a main circuit jet missing in the Carb on the car (besides so many other things being loose, or missing). So had to make a fix for that out of heavy gauge plastic wire which is in and working fine.

I also discovered my Clutch cable in the tunnel in the beetle chassis sits in a tube, and this has broken loose inside the tunnel, requiring me to grind open the side of the tunnel based on multiple references and then to weld down the tube to the tunnel sidewall, to help the clutch cable not perish and eventually snap. Not an easy job, but managed to do it one afternoon.

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