January 2015. Not even a month after the Jacqueline Riu Photoshoot, and I managed to get a second shoot, this time with Sainsbury's from the UK, for their 2015 Spring\Summer catalogue. Look out end of March for the advert in a Sainsbury's near you, apparently going in Nationwide in the UK.

Was required to be on-site at the Grotto Bay Turnoff at 05:30 am, so up at the DARK crack of dawn, and a 40 minute jaunt up the West Coast, and got there with half an hour to spare. Still pitch dark. These Pics taken around 5:30 am when the crew just arrived, and are heading up the sand road.

They used an original Willy's Jeep for the first shoot in a field. The car from Crossley and Webb. Weather clouded over and we were forced to wait a few hours for it to clear.

Then it was the Speedy's turn. Unfortunately this was a 2km stretch of REALLY bad dust road and my car is not built for dust roads, so it got slightly dirty, but they gave it a wipe down and the shoot got done.

All in all, a great bunch of people, and a productive shoot was had. Looking forward to the original shots in a few months time.

UPDATE. 3 Original Pics from production for Sainsbury's TU Clothing in the UK. Thanks Alex.

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