January 2015. Here are the OFFICIAL Photo's from the D'Aria Photoshoot done by pro photographer Achmat "Boolseye" Booley. We took some Pics at the same venue on Pg 40, but this just puts this car in a totally different light. Achmat, thank you my friend, you certainly know your equipment. Click on any image for a larger Pic.


Stunning photos. Thanks Achmat. More of his work can be seen on his Blog here.


And, as I always expected, one day someone would come along and make me an offer I couldn't refuse. It happened on Heritage Day, we attended the car show at Killarney Track, and a lovely couple saw Speedy and spent a while admiring the car, and eventually left. An hour later, her Husband was back, we made a deal there and then, and 3 days later, the Porsche was sold. Overall, I was pleased the car had gone to a good home, and we could continue on our adventures with Winston.