So, Roadworthy test, and the very first thing they inspect is a fail. The car has a different engine in to the papers I have.. Damn it. So now I have to mission off the Police Clearance and the Licencing Department, which was a days wasted completely. Got home late afternoon with a new Police-cleared motor, and sun-burnt arms. The car's wheels were also shot, so I managed to buy 4 2nd hand tyres off Gumtree, and collected them. Following day, I got them fitted at the local tyre shop, but was told the rims are slightly warped, and as such they can't properly balance them. Not too much of an issue as the new Michelin boots are very smooth. Still a problem with the brakes binding, and I decided that the car needs to go into a Brake specialist rather to get them done properly. Besides that, the car passed, and I managed to get him registered and roadworthied in my name. Took him to see his new home..

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