My Porsche 356 Speedster Replica - Cape Town


I'm not sure from what age I was "made aware" of Porsche Cars, if it was even Porsche's at all, or purely "Racing Cars". I remember older classic Porsches racing at the Kyalami 9 Hours when I was like, 7 or 8 years old. Back then, whatever was in front was the favorite, as it is with any young kid. But I always liked the Porsches more than the others. Their sound, their looks, especially the Sportscars, and so it was that I grew up loving Sports cars. My Dad was a Jaguar fanatic, member of the Jag Club, had a couple of them, including a stunning E-type, so I was surrounded by cars, and tools throughout my up-bringing.

Roll on 30 plus years, and a lot happened. my ownership of vehicles through the years isn't THAT extensive, but it did include 6 "Airheads", or VW type cars. A Beat up Baja Bug which was my first REAL love, and changed looks dramatically in it's lifespan. That was followed by a Cool old "Barn-Door" Panelvan Kombi, an entertaining "car" to transport the surfers around in the day. Then in Durban I bought my first "Porsche". a 718 Spyder Replica, but it was in really poor condition, and I was between homes, no garage, and so couldn't really work on it, and sold it after a few months.. But it was AWESOME fun.

Move to Cape Town, got married and had my lucky stars look down on me. I entered a Kellogs Fruitful Bran breakfast box competition, and managed to WIN another 718 Spyder, but this was a nice Silver one. Unfortunately, as my then missus was expecting, we sold that one after a few short months to buy a family house. A couple years later I decided to build a street rod, and so was the Lime Green Beetle, with class winning car audio system. Shortly after that, my life went a little off the rails and I pranged the Beetle and stuffed it up. Sold it for nothing really, but needed to "move on" with my life.

And so, we get to a few years of Motorbikes, but my urge was always to get another "Porsche", but a specific one, the 356 Speedster. I had a taste so to speak when my ex in-law had a Silver one, and he asked me to sell it for him, which was VERY difficult to do as I really like it. But I had to bide my time, and also sort out my child and his life and schooling.

I ran an advert on Gumtree wanting a Speedster, and a chap contacted me from JHB saying he had one and it was on sale.. A multitude of emails and Videos crossed paths, and I decided to fly up, see it, and make the deal, which I did. In a matter of 5 days from the beginning of the communication, I'd made up my mind, flown up, paid for the car, and had it road-freighted down to Cape Town.

This is the story of my Porsche 356 Speedster.

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